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13 clubs throughout north and east yorkshire

Swimmers from age 8 through to adults, Friendly galas, Borders gala and the Ridings league all cater for our local competitive swimmers.

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Local competitions at all levels

sadsa galas

North & East yorkshire


friendly gala's

These are our introduction Galas.


These Galas are our starting blocks for competitive swimming offering new swimmers an opportunity to try Galas.

GALA Programme a


borders gala's

Borders are the next stage of competition.


Borders are our next stage with tighter cut off times and more strict judging, ideal if you are looking at open meets.

borders programme


ridings league gala's

SaDSA's top end Gala's this is league based


Ridings are for our best swimmers who should be competing at regular open meets throughout the season.

Ridings programme



Level 3 Open Meet

sadsa championships

Open to all sadsa members to compete champion / b / c grade


SaDSA Championships open meet level 3 graded champion / b / c saturday november 20th 2021 at scarborough.


meet details


contact your local club.

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SaDSA Local Competitive Swimming

13 Clubs throughout North and East Yorkshire providing quality local competitive swimming.

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Feb 2021

sadsa championships 2021, hopes they will go ahead.

We are hoping that the world will be back to some sort of normality and that this years championships will be able to take place. This will be dependant on the Goverment and Swim England. We will keep you informed


May 2020

assistant swimming coach (level 1).

Right now you can book on to an Assistant Coach (Level 1) course and complete the distance learning element and the complete the practical side later in the year.